@oceanodelectura: When I started reading it, I could imagine everything as if it were a movie because the story and every one of each character´s actions were so well described in detail. The story becomes more and more addictive. I really liked it!

@hundidaenunmardehistorias: I liked the plot a lot and really enjoyed it. I highly recommended it. This book reminded me of how much I loved science fiction!

@flyingbetweenbooks: To me it was simply perfect. The whole book is captivating; the ending enthralls you to the core and makes you crave more of this entertaining and appealing story. I loved it!

@fuckingreader: I loved this book. The dialogues, a fundamental element, are outstanding. I think they are well thought out and well narrated; very believable. The ending really impacted me: it left me in a state of shock. Bring us the second part quickly!

@librosqueamar: The way the characters are presented to us is profound. I loved the plot as it related to Lara; she became my favorite character almost from the beginning.

@emma_s_collins: It kept me on the edge of my seat. It surprises me that in so few pages the author has been able to create such an original story and make us feel so many emotions. What I like most about the book is the references to known singers and bands that appear throughout. The flashbacks fascinate me since they help us understand the characteristics of the different protagonists.

@librosquesonmagia: It´s super easy to follow and the plot really gets you hooked. It has mystery, action. What more can we ask for in a book? (I would say love, but you know what? It has that, too!).

@pasionporlibros: A very good introduction to the saga. Yseut was incredible; I could feel everything she narrated, her first impressions of the place, the people, etc. Very good!

@bookstumer.girl: I was hooked on this book from beginning to end. I can´t express how much I loved the story because it was so well narrated; the author immerses you in this saga and doesn´t let you go until the end.

@elmundoentreloslibros: A very entertaining and readable science fiction story. The author knows how to keep the reader intrigued and at the end of each chapter something happens that obliges you to read the next chapter. I couldn´t put it down until the end; it was an excellent first part!

@librotecademeri: It has just the right amount of suspense to leave me wanting to read more. I need to know what´s going to happen!

@amantedelibros96: I loved the way the story is narrated. The characters are well developed and have striking and beautiful life histories; the plot is very interesting and is narrated in a very dynamic way that always makes you want to know more. The ending left me with my mouth hanging open!

@unlibroenmimochila: This book made me realize that science fiction is a genre that I love. The characters are very well constructed. I liked reading it a lot because I felt as if I were living it, I felt like another character in the book, something which not many authors achieve! I really like the references to well known singers/bands that appear throughout the narrative. I loved the flashbacks, and the way the story is told makes it more readable. I recommend it!

@palabrasdesdeelsol: A super dynamic story that generates anxiety on every page and moves forward at the speed of a TV episode and this kept my interest from the very beginning. It has a classic but modern and captivating style; it has it all and is very well written. I truly super recommend this saga!

@ocultotrasunlibro: It is very original. I was fascinated by Yseut and wanted to know more about this character, who became my favorite; I loved the fact that not only is the story told in the present, it also has flashbacks. I am anxiously awaiting the second book!

@la_posada_del_dragon: It never fails to be intriguing and makes you want to know what´s happening, so it´s quite readable and even captivating. It was a very enjoyable read, we didn´t put it down until we had finished it because we got hooked on it and no sooner did we finish we than we continued reading the second part. We highly recommend it!

@scoobyleta.books: A promising saga. I liked the plot, my favorite character is Lara; her history is fascinating and simply fantastic. I got super hooked on it.

@scoobyleta.books: A promising saga. I liked the plot, my favorite character is Lara; her history is fascinating and simply fantastic. I got super hooked on it.