@oxaalida: This gives wings to the imagination. The last part of this interesting sci fi saga, full of intrigue, action, romance, and many other things. I liked the construction of the characters a lot, how they evolve and transmit all the many emotions they feel. And the things that happen in this book!

@loslibrosdecielo: This is a story that´s going to leave a mark on my heart. It is full of feelings, of action, of drama. It lacks nothing! It´s a truly splendid saga and I recommend it to you a thousand times over! You´ll love these books and they will captivate you. Everything I hoped would happen, happened, and I really liked how it all turned out. I never thought this saga would be so enthralling, that I would get so hooked on it, but that´s what happened. I loved every book; it was an incredible journey and the ending left me with a beautiful sensation.

@girlreading.books: I super recommend this spellbinding saga. It has a lot of action and keeps you riveted all the way through. The author never strays from the story and closes it with an ending I loved. This book met all my expectations.

@nanbooksarg: A fascinating book. I have to underline its perfect narration, I loved the story, it´s all so well thought out and narrated that I was struck by how the author managed to write all that in so few pages. It fascinated me!

@mimundolibros: Beyond all doubt, a moving ending. A saga with explosive characters, a plot that carries you through all four books, full of strong emotions, from tears to laughter. I loved the fact that at no time did it betray its essence.

@aficionadaalalectura: This saga will have a place in my heart. The author delights us with scenes of pure science fiction. So well written that it is impossible not to let our imaginations fly, and we believe that we are into our own movie about Gael!

@azulbooks: One of my favorite sagas. This one never disappoints. It´s a very fast read; you read one book and you want to read another and another. The ending left me speechless. The author did a great job. I really liked it!

@inbooksblog: A very good ending! The characters have grown and matured; my favorites are Dog, Jano, and Hugo. I couldn´t stop reading it, I needed to know how it was going to end.

@literatos: The best closing. The action is constant, it gives us no respite. The author closes the story to perfection; it´s incredible that so many things happened throughout only 317 pages. It was all an adventure to follow them from the beginning to this ending. This saga ends with a gold pin!

@il0ovebooks: This book has it all. I devoured it in a few days. It is an impactful book, full of adventure, full of sci fi. It´s very difficult to say… goodbye? to this story; it is so, so beautiful. It shows us the perfect ending. I´ll never tire of saying “What an ending!”I ended up devouring the last pages the same way I did when I read LARA. It was hard to say good-bye to the saga, but the ending was incredible!!!

@mybooks_andme: If you like science fiction, then I recommend them with all my heart! I loved the final battle and the ending. Ana´s pen is detailed and dynamic. Each book presents us with a story that is full of mystery, action, love, friendship, astonishment, sadness, and comes to a close which makes us sad to reach the end of this saga!

@unacortedelibros: The characters won my heart. It was really hard for me to read this last book because it is the end of an awesome story! It fulfilled its purpose and kept me hooked. I suffered with my favorite characters, who also surprised me! The last pages blew my mind!

@dimequeleerok: I felt that the author succeeded at giving us the perfect closing to this saga. Action, mystery, unknown worlds, lands beyond our imagination …everything that happens is incredible and it´s so fast! I couldn´t put it down. This story of worlds and beings culminates in the best possible way and her writing is great!

@sweetbooks.ok: The perfect close to a great saga. Lara is still my favorite; the plot becomes irresistible and the ending is incredible!